Please Don't Ask

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Awesome on dates
Simple party game
instant fun

PDA (please don't ask) - crazy ice breaking party game for loads of fun and hilarious drinking nights

PDA (please don't ask)
Best party game to break the ice with friends (or dates)

PDA is not for everyone, but with the right people, it's the best!
  • In 8 seconds ⌛, reveal the sick thoughts of your family, friends, and random strangers 🤡
  • 400 silly cards asking spontaneity & no filter 💋
  • 80 special cards to spice things up 🔥
  • Brand new - just came out in November 2019 and already acclaimed with ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on Amazon!
When time runs out, the truth comes out!


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Told you - PDA is an easy card game

We are Pervs with a Heart 💓

PDA (please don't ask) is a silly party game made with love by New Yorkers

party game made with love by silly New Yorkers connecting people with laughs

PDA (please don't ask) - adult party game designed by eco-friendly pervs with a heart

card game printed on paper sourced from sustainably managed forests

we care to have a positive impact beyond connecting people by giving back to charities

PDA Cards - Fan reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

PDA (please don't ask) hilarious adult party game - drinking testimonial learning about wife
I've learned more about Monica in one night playing PDA than in years before

– Chandler B.

PDA (please don't ask) drinking game - NSFW
If I get Jim to play in front of HR, he will be grilled and I'll finally be the official Assistant Regional Manager

– Dwight S.

PDA (please don't ask) ice-breaking party game better than Cards Against Humanity / What do you meme / exploding kittens
I thought that Mr. Big was the real thing in NYC, but now I gotta meet Mike & Charles @ PDA

– Carrie B.

PDA (please don't ask) hilarious party game more fun than politics
They even make fun of the Donald. Freaking love it!

– Bernie S.

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